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Youth Stack - For Women

Jungledog Labs

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The Youth Stack for WOMEN!!!


Ever wonder why as some women age they retain their youthful appearance, muscle tone, sexual vigor & quick wit and some do not? A lot of it has to do with our hormone levels. Growth Hormone, inflammatory hormones, testosterone & estrogen balance have everything to do with staying young. Try our new “Youth Stack for Women” today AND change your life forever!

The revolutionary - "Youth Stack for Women" from Jungledog Labs! Each youth system package arrives with one safety sealed bottle of each (4 bottles total), containing 50 high potency capsules.

 Dies-L (catalyst one) - Used for assisting your body in producing more natural levels of Testosterone (yes, it is very important for women to have healthy levels of free circulating testosterone in your system). Dies-L is responsible for estrogen balance and naturally raising levels of your important youth hormones. Professional grade Dies-L utilizes our proprietary blend of all natural and organic ingredients to naturally stimulate your body to increase test levels and balance estrogen levels as it did when you were younger.

 Text-X (catalyst two) – Our proprietary blended Amino Acid driven Growth Hormone booster. Growth Hormone is the holy grail of youth hormone stimulation. Test-X uses our all natural propriety blend amino acid matrix to assist your pituitary gland in producing more of this miracle-hormone naturally & safely.

 Pink Passion - for Women (catalyst three) - It is time to finally take hold of your love life and bring it to a greater level of excitement, enjoyment and pleasure. With Jungledog Labs’ innovative formula found only in our specialized libido enhancing supplement “Pink Passion” you will find much greater sexual satisfaction and a much more stimulating sex life! Our all organic formula works like magic as it increases blood flow, libido & pleasure. Pink Passion will naturally bring your sex drive and vigor back to where it was when you were younger.

 TiGer (catalyst four) – Our all organic pain & inflammation reducer. TiGer is the all-natural capsule used by people around the world to feel and look younger, remain pain free & fight inflammation.

Come try our Youth Stack and let Jungledog Labs help you regain your youth!!!



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