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Black Widows Accelerator

Jungledog Labs

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Black Widow - (Sri Lankan) Piperine

A catalyst to be used with and to accelerate & enhance the effects & bioavailability of all Jungledog Labs products


Our pharmaceutical grade Black Widows ~ are proven to increase your bodies potential to prevent the enzymatic process of the human body which attacks and eliminates the supplements from your system! Black Widows from Jungledog Labs are proven to make all of our products more bioavailable (up to 2000% more bioavailable (yes, you read that correctly)) and significantly increase absorption rates! They are, quite simply, one of the most astounding bio-activators and Jungledog Labs catalysts ever created! Come find out why people can't stop talking about Black Widows!!!

Black Widows help to prevent a process in the liver called glucuronidation, which attaches a molecule (glucuronide) to drugs and supplements to signal for their urinary excretion. This process, glucuronidation, prevents excessive levels of drugs and supplements in the body but sometimes inhibits all uptake and renders some supplements useless. However, when Black Widows from Jungledog Labs is introduced during ingestion, excretion of our supplements is hindered and our supplements can bypass this regulatory stage, creating a more bio-available environment for each and every offering from The Jungledog Labs line of supplementation!

Black Widows from Jungledog Labs is the number one way to help your body retain, utilize and benefit MORE from every product we offer. Try out Black Widows from Jungledog Labs today with any of our supplements and find out what everyone is talking about! Get the most out of your supplementation by using this cutting-edge technology brought to you by the experts in hormone manipulation here at Jungledog Labs!


Black Widows from Jungledog Labs have been designed to:
~ Inhibit the number of enzymes responsible for metabolizing supplements from Jungledog Labs.

~ Accelerate & Enhance the effects of all porducts offered at Jungledog Labs.

~ Stimulate the activity of amino-acid transports in the intestinal lining.

~ Inhibit P-Glycoprotein (the "pump" protein that removes substances from cells).

~ Decrease the in intestinal production of Glucuronic Acid, thereby permitting more of the substances from Jungledog Labs products to enter the body in active form. Consequently, these substances can reach, enter and remain within the target cells for longer periods of time than would otherwise be the case.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • 5
    Works good

    Posted by DaniB on 3rd Aug 2021

    Works very well actually. In fact, it seems to help enhance all nutritional absorbtion and retention rates all around.

  • 5

    Posted by Jazzi on 29th Apr 2021

    I can feel the difference after using with and without Black Widows. I would recommend these.

  • 4
    black widows

    Posted by new customer on 5th Jan 2019

    ill buy again they appear to work as advertised had faster results than expected

  • 5
    Black Widows

    Posted by John Stapley on 28th Dec 2018

    This aromatic pepper is perfect for extracting nutrients from turmeric, gingko, and all other supplements. It is essential AND affordable.

  • 5
    lovin it

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2017

    This product deffenetly enhanced. What i take ( testosterone blocker, and the estro surge

  • 5
    May be too good

    Posted by Charlie Peters on 2nd Oct 2014

    I am on prescription meds and have noticed Black Widows have made them more effective. I will continue taking them hoping to get off the meds in time.