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Black Panthers

Jungledog Labs

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Black Panthers

Are you looking for the fastest legal surge of power on the market today? Looking for that quick boost of testosterone and all the benefits that come with it? Hoping to squeeze a little more strength and vigor into your workouts or toward the end of a long athletic event? Well, wait no longer! Black Panthers from Jungledog Labs are here!!!


Black Panthers from Jungledog Labs are specifically formulated and bio-engineered to shuttle a BLAST of pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris out to your body as quickly as possible. By raising your bodies potential to transport this all-natural quick acting form of Tribulus, your testosterone will naturally increase within minutes. Great for mid-workout / mid-training boosts, end of workout / training blast of energy or even for a quick mid-day boost of energy!

Pharmaceutical grade Black Panthers are proven to increase your body’s potential to raise your own natural levels of testosterone faster than anything on the legal market. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is the most potent legal form of Tribulus sold on the market today!


Black Panthers formulated with 100% Bulgarian Grade Tribulus Terrestris is an extremely potent compound intended only for athletes:

- Significantly increase your body’s potential to create higher testosterone levels.

- Significantly increases protein synthesis.

- Significantly increase energy levels.

- Significantly increase sex drive.

- Dramatically reduces recovery times.

- Supports general health and performance.

- Supports healthy blood circulation.

- Decreases signs of aging.

- END all signs of Low-T!



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.