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Blue Ox - Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

Jungledog Labs

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Blue Ox Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

Blue Ox - Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris


Professional Grade Blue Ox Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris!


Professional grade Blue Ox Tribulus ~ the highest quality and most effective form of Tribulus Terrestris found on earth, proven to increase and raise natural levels of testosterone. Bulgarian Grade Tribulus is the most potent legal form of Tribulus Terrestris sold on the market today! Blue Ox Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris contains the most powerful proven form of Tribulus Terrestris on the planet - Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris! Ideally designed for the everyday user or for MCT (mid-cycle therapy) and as one of the best all-natural PCT's (post-cycle therapies) on the planet!




Blue Ox Tribulus is an extremely potent compound intended athletes. It is pharmaceutical grade containing 95% pure Steroidal Saponins and is proven to:


- Significantly increase your bodies potential to create higher testosterone levels.


- Significantly increases protein synthesis.


- Significantly increase energy levels.


- Significantly increase sex drive.


- Dramatically reduces recovery times.


- Supports general health and performance.


- Supports healthy blood circulation.


- Decreases signs of aging.


- END all signs of Low-T!



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.