Liver Cleanse

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10.00 Ounces
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In today's fast paced world our bodies are constantly bombarded by Pesticides, Poor Dietary Choices, Medications & Alcohol, just to name a few! Our liver is what takes the biggest shock and sustains the most immediate damage - NOW is the time to take better control of your health! Do Not Delay, make today the day you change your life and begin cleansing your liver, your body & your mind for a healthier and better quality of life! One container will support one full liver cleansing cycle.

~ 100% Organic Proprietary Formula consisting of the most effective ingredients for liver detoxification:

       * Artichoke Leaf
       * Milk Thistle Seed
       * Dandelion Root

~ Liver Cleanse from Jungledog Labs made with 100% purest organic formula will:

       * Cleanse liver and help to promote overall body detoxification.
       * Promote elimination of liver and gall stones.
       * Support the digestion and elimination of toxins found in the body.
       * Revitalize - memory, energy & clarity.
       * Assist in fat breakdown in the liver leading to control in sugar and fatty food cravings.
       * Protect and repair liver cells and promote regeneration of new cells.
       * Has been shown to reverse liver damage.

~ One full cleanse will take 12 days, taking 1 capsule 3-4 times per day. Further cleanses can be done at any time (but recommended every 2-3 months). By taking 1 capsule 2 times per day
Liver Cleanse can be used as a liver health maintenance supplement.