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Dies-L ~ The most powerful anabolic herbal supplement on the planet! It is the most potent legal T-Boosting support stack sold on the market today! Our proprietary blend contains the most powerful proven and safe T-Boosters known and blended at the perfect percentages for optimal hormone boosting potential! Here at Jungledog Labs, our proprietary blend of anabolic activators contain all organic ingredients for a resulting product that is the most effective on the market! 

Warning: This product is not for use in pregnant or lactating women, Consult your healthcare practitioner before us if you have had any previous health conditions that you are taking medications for, including OTC medications or if you are planning a medical procedure. Discontinue use immediately and contact your healthcare provider if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use in persons under the age of 18 years.

Pharmaceutical grade Dies-L ~ proven to increase your bodies potential to raise natural levels of strength & drive boosting Test! Our all natural brand Dies-L is the most potent legal support stack sold on the market today! Dies-L contains the most powerful, proven legal T-Boosters available! Here at Jungledog Labs, our proprietary blend contains the purest, the most effective, all organic ingredients! Each muscle building capsule contains:

- Tongkat Ali 
- Tribulus Terrestris 
- Epidium / Horny Goat Weed 
- Mucuna Pruriens 
- Maca - Lepidium Meyenii 


Dies-L is an extremely potent compound intended to increase Test levels and to:

- Significantly increase GH levels from the Pituitary Gland.
- Significantly increases protein synthesis.
- Significantly increase energy levels.
Significantly increase sex drive.
- Dramatically reduce recovery times.
- Supports general health and performance.
- Supports healthy blood circulation.
- Decreases signs of aging.
- END all signs of Low-T!

TEST is the single most important hormone responsible for the varying masculine characteristics expressed in humans. In bodybuilding, considerable focus is constantly directed to increasing T-levels to encourage muscle growth and achieve increased muscle mass and strength. In males, specialized Leydig cells produce Test. Androgen receptors expressed by satellite cells in muscle tissue and muscle nuclei allow Test to produce the much sought after anabolic effects. With the supplementing of Dies-L in your daily routine, the increase of your own bodies natural production and release of Test is guaranteed.

Dies-L used in conjunction with Jungledog Labs Test-X will make, quite simply, THE MOST POWERFUL, LEGAL MUSCLE BUILDING STACK ON THE PLANET!

Here at Jungledog Labs, Dies-L is specifically formulated and professionally combined in a proprietary blend utilizing the chemical compound of each all natural ingredients in such a way as to not interact negatively or negate the effects of the other compounds in the resulting supplement. Dies-L is synthesized and assembled by a small team of chemist in our clean room / laboratory, NOT in a manufacturing warehouse. The resulting pharma grade product is made to order with the freshest and purest product available (not months (or years) old as in most big name warehouse-made products). This is how we keep our product 100% pure, 100% fresh & 100% the strongest T-Boosting supplement on the market today!

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  • 5
    awesome test booster

    Posted by joe on 12th Aug 2016

    I have better results with this product then I have had with actual testosterone! recommend anyone to try it. I'm sold!!!

  • 5
    potent suppliment

    Posted by Greg on 19th Sep 2015

    I felt this product the first time I used it. In the gym had more energy and focus. The downside of this was that it seemed to effect my prostate issues and its somewhat pricey at the recommended daily dose of 3 to 4 capsules per day. I've tried similar products in the past and this one is one of the best. In the future will be trying the yellow jackets to see how well they work and how they effect my BPH.